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Ok, so I know this isnt the easiest process! I have been struggling with how to add a shopping cart to my website and still keep the
high level of customer service and customization available.

I love my customers and I love talking with you and getting your order exactly the way you want it.

So, for now, please bear with me and use the template below to send me your order - Complete and submit one for each item.  
Just do the best you can.  I review each order personally, so I will be able to ask you any questions if I'm not sure which item you
would like.  

After each submission, you will receive an order review page.  Click your browsers back button to return to the order page.

The information will be sent to my email address.
I will reply to you shortly to let you know the information was received and when your order will be ready.

If you would rather email me directly, please send the request to

Thank you for your order!!
General Order Information:
Your name (include last name):
Your email address *:
Your phone number (optional) *:
Mailing Address *:
(Be sure to include a name if not coming to you)
If this is a gift, what message would you
like on the gift card?
Preferred Shipping Method:
(Standard, Priority, or Overnight..
Extra postage may apply for overnight)
To Order:
Wall Letters, Name Plaques, Growth Charts, Hair Bow Holders, Switch/Outlet Covers,  or Other Hand Painted Item :
Item you would like to order (letters, trash can, hair
bow holder, growth chart, etc...)
Personalized Name or Letters:
Size  (for letters or plaque)
Design (Butterfly, Sports, Polka Dot, etc):
Colors you would like me to use:
Color of Ribbon (or no ribbon):
Special Requests or Additional Info
(Add a heart or bow, Match Room Decor,  etc):
To Order:
Picture Frames :
Opening Size (3x3, 4x6, or special order size):
Portrait or Landscape:
Colors you would like me to use:
Design (Polka Dot,, Stripe, Ladybug, etc):
Personalization color:
Hanging Ribbon color (or no ribbon):
Special Requests or Additional Info
(Match Room Decor, Add a heart, include a
bow etc):
Thank you!
* Your privacy is important to us, so we will not sell your information to any third party.
It will be used only to contact you about your order or to provide requested information.
personalized hand painted decor for babies and children
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personalized hand painted decor for babies and children
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