Personalized Hand Painted Wooden Sugar Plum Growth Chart
Butterfly / Flower
Sugar Plum Growth Chart Details:

White background with rose pink  border on the top and right side for the
name and growth lines

Pink and Plum Butterflies are hand painted on the growth chart.

Large flowers are hand painted flower wooden cut outs that are attached to
the growth chart.

Sheer White ribbon was used to hang the growth chart.

Personalized in black

Growth Charts can be painted in any colors or styles to coordinate with
kid's room decor.
Hand Painted personalized Sugar Plum growth charts allow you to track your child as they
grow through the years.

A personalized custom growth chart will make a special statement in your child's room.
Allow me to customize a growth chart in your choice of colors or styles.

I can match your child's room decor with just a picture or paint this design in your child's
room colors.
Personalized Hand Painted Sugar Plum Growth Chart
Coordinates with Sugar Plum bedding by Cocalo
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personalized hand painted decor for babies and children
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