Personalized Hand Painted "Truck" Plaque is 24" x 12"

The personalized truck wall plaque can be painted in your choice of

Here are some examples:
White background with medium blue and sage green stripes.

Circles are a lighter shade of blue, green, and taupe
Truck is red, light blue, medium blue, white, and black
Blue Hanging Ribbon

- or-

Blue background with tan center
Red border around the center
Trucks are blue, red, and tan

Personalized in the middle with your child's name

Deep red hanging ribbon is included

- or -

The truck plaque can be customized in your choice of colors
Great for a playroom
Available in many sizes -
Truck Wall Plaque/ Sign and Wall Letters
Personalized Hand Painted Truck Wall Plaque
Personalized Hand Painted Truck Room Wall Plaque
Hand painted Personalized Truck Wall Plaque
personalized hand painted truck hanging wall plaque
personalized hand painted truck wall letters
Personalized Hand Painted "Truck" Wall Letters

The truck wall letters are painted with a blue background with green
grass, grey street, trees, and cloud

Trucks are hand painted red, blue, white, tan, and black
Deep Red Hanging Ribbon

Can be customized in your choice of colors and styles to match your
room decor
Camille Love Designs
personalized hand painted decor for babies and children
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